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Patrik Laine

10% Patrik Laine -aurinkolasien hinnasta lahjoitetaan suoraan HOPE – Yhdessä ja Yhteisesti ry:n kautta pirkanmaalaisille vähävaraisille ja kriisin kokeneille perheille ja lapsille. LUE LISÄÄ >


Shadesharen hyväntekeväisyyskohteena oleva FightBackin kannatusyhdistys ylläpitää Turussa tilaa, jossa päävamman saaneet voivat käydä kuntoutumassa ilmaiseksi.


Kapellimestari Santtu-Matias Rouvalille brändättyjen aurinkolasien tuotosta 10% ohjataan Tampereen konservatorion stipendiohjelmaan.


MLL:n Lasten ja nuorten puhelimeen voivat lapset ja nuoret soittaa maksutta koko maassa joka päivä. Puhelimen toisessa päässä on koulutettu vapaaehtoinen aikuinen, jolla on aikaa kuunnella ja keskustella luottamuksellisesti mistä tahansa soittajaa mietityttävästä asiasta. LUE LISÄÄ>



Responsible Manufacture and Design

Shadeshares are quality sunglasses made of wood with polarized UV protection lenses. All of our sunglasses, down to every single detail, are made in SOS Children’s Village in Nairobi, Kenya. Our workshop is currently training and employing 12 youngsters who spent their childhood in the Kariobang slum. They are taught and tutored by Henry, who is in charge of our production in Kenya.  

Participating in World Vision’s youth programme in Kenya, these young people get valuable working-life skills and professional training. Shadeshares pays them salary.

Shadeshares sunglasses are made from environmentally sustainable materials, and the manufacturing chain is open and transparent. We know who works at our workshop and when and how these people do their work. We make sure that they have proper working conditions.

The head designer of Shadeshares sunglasses is Laura, who works in Finland. She is assisted by our Kenyan designer Ernest.


Shadeshares is the long-time dream of Finnish technology entrepreneur Jan-Erik Westergård and his Kenyan wife Veronica. During their numerous visits in Kenya, Jan-Erik and Veronica have met local slum youth, as well as people from organisations helping them. They wanted to start something purposeful to help the young people living in Kenyan slums improve their lives through education and work. In 2017, a group of Finnish entrepreneurs joined Jan-Erik and Veronica and Shadeshares was established. The first Shadeshares product is quality sunglasses made of wood.

Our Finnish-Kenyan team puts its heart and soul, as well as solid professional expertise, to the design, product development, marketing, sales and communications related to these products.

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My awesome lunch date with the one and only André Chaker. Two relatively talkative persons at the same table. We just about fixed all the problems. #shadeshares #myspeaker #together

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2 days ago

Camilla visiting our workshop in Nairobi. We are excited to start this cooperation with Ghetto Gifts. Thank you for being part our story. Ghetto Gifts is a tourist shop that is situated in a safe area in one of the worlds largest informal settlements called Kibera in Nairobi. Part of the profit fro

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3 days ago

Anu from @studiovintti wearing Shadeshares sunnies while swinging in the air. Watch the video of Anu sharing her thoughts on Shadeshares on our Facebook page. 🧘🏼‍♂️🌸 #shadeshares #together #woodensunglasses #madekenya

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@differolife team and their brand new sunnies ready for spring. Thank you for being part of our story. 🌷 #shadeshares #together #differo

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Shadeshares with world class comedians @mika_eirtovaara and @samihedberg from Finland and Noriega Antonio and Eric Omondi from Kenya. @ericomondi and Dayoff glasses coming soon😎❤ #shadeshares #dayoffglasses #ericomondi #together #woodensunglasses #madeinkenya

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Sharing is one of our core values at Shadeshares and we are more than happy to have @hopetampere and Hope ry as our local co-operating partners. The proceeds from the sunglasses will be put towards supporting children’s hobbies in families who otherwise couldn’t afford it. We would like to than

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How can a company change the world and how can this be done in a responsible & sustainable way? Shadeshares at @ykampus influencer panel with @sharetribe, @futurice & Choose Your Future. #shadeshares #together #ykampus

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Shadeshares story at a climate change seminar. We can do this together!🌍🌱 #shadeshares #together #savingourplanet

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Janne Kouri looking good in his Shadeshares at his send off for @nextstepla #rideforparalysis. This marked the start to his journey of a lifetime, riding his power wheelchair from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. to raise awareness and funds to support individuals and wounded service members living w

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It’s all about sharing. @iceheartsry is one of Shadeshares’ local co-operating charity partners. The proceeds from Shadeshares sunglasses will be used for children’s team sport activities for the ones at risk of social exclusion. We would like to thank @rokmind, @rainmakerbusiness, Toypap, @g

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We are a proud sponsor of Janne Kouri's Ride for Paralysis adventure from Los Angeles to Washington DC. Stay tuned. We will be following his journey. SISU. #shadeshares #together #rideforparalysis #sisu

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Spotted! @blackdonutsengineering team and World champion Ari Vatanen wearing Shadeshares at Tire technology expo in Hannover, Germany. #shadeshares #together #blackdonuts #arivatanen #tiretechnogyexpo #responsibility #woodensunglasses #madeinkenya

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Sometimes you have to talk to the big guns. Shadeshares with Head of Business Finland Pekka Soini, Member of Parliament Harri Jaskari, CEO of Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) Jyri Häkämies and Minister of Finance Petteri Orpo. #shadeshares #together #woodensunglasses

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More of you have joined Shadeshares in our tree planting project in Kenya. A big thank you to all of you listed below as well as the ones who wish to stay anonymous. We will continue planting trees and invite everyone to join in. Tampereen Kauppakamari, Kirsi ja Tero Lassila, Sinkkonen Consulting O

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@sitouttaja glasses are here and will soon find new owners. Big thanks to Sitomo for being part of Shadeshares story. 😎✌🏼 #shadeshares #together #sitomo

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Tampere Chamber of Commerce is going green by taking part in our tree planting project. Thank you. Let's make lots of carbon sinks and Africa green together. 🌳🌍 #shadeshares #together #k2tre #woodensunglasses

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@blackdonutsengineering glasses have arrived. We wish you a great expo in Hannover Germany. Thank you! #shadeshares #blackdonutsengineering #together

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Sneak peak. We will launch our Shadeshares Series glasses soon. Stay tuned! 🤫😎 #shadeshares #series #woodensunglasses #comingsoon

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”Luontoäitikin muistuttaa, että nyt on korkea aika hommata päheet arskat. Teet samalla hyvää. Lue asiasta ja osta, ennen kuin on taas syksy ja pimeys!!” #eppunormaali #shadeshares #woodensunglasses

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Meet our employee Nevil! Let’s share shades! #shadeshares #youthempowerment #Worldvision #wooden #sunglasses #Kariobangi #BuruBuru #sosvillage

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As the name suggests, Shadeshares is about sharing the good: 30% of the sunglasses’ sales price is donated to charity in Kenya and Finland.

Our international cooperation partner is World Vision.  20% of every pair of Shadeshares sunglasses sold is directly spent on supporting the professional education and employment of young people living in the Kariobang slum.

In addition, 10% of the sunglasses’ sales price is donated to a Finnish charity. At the moment, the supported Finnish charities include FightBack ry, the Mannerheim League of Child Welfare’s Helpline for children and youth, HOPE ry, Icehearts , the Children and Youth Foundation’s initiative GLOW, and the Tampere Conservatoire’s scholarship programme.